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Noteworthy musical artists have performed'

Abramovic | Amalong | Amherst Saxophone Quartet | Anderson | Arcata String Quartet | Atlanta Chamber Players | Auerbach | Baily | Baytelman | Beia | Buyse | Beaman | Bohnenstengel | Boland | Boyd | Brey | Bunke | Choi | Clarke | Colorado Quartet | Conti | Cumberland Quintet | Danielova | Daniels | DeJongh | Dennis | Dobbs | Dorian Quintets | Dowdall | Dreamcatcher | Duologue | Ernst | Fadoul | Fardink | Feldman | Fisher-Deerberg | Fort Worth Symphony | Frisch | Gold | Goluses | Hacke | Harrisburg Symphony | Henderson | Hoffman | Jarmolowicz | Jolles | Kienzle | Koregelos | Lazzaro | Ledford | Lovett | Manoogian | Lindsey | McGrath | Meininger-Trio | Montclair String Quartet | Moore | Miyamoto | New Jersey Chamber Music Society | New York Concerto Orchestra | New York Bassoon Quartet | New York Saxophone Quartet | New Zealand Symphony | Page | Perry | Petteys | Pilot | Polish National Chamber Orchestra Slupsk | Richards Quintets | Rogeri Trio | Tryer | Rosenfeld | Santa Fe Symphony | Savino | Sedares | Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra | Smith | Sparks | Spring | Stoner | Still | Stillman | Suben | Sylvan Quintets | The Huntingdon Trio | The Montclaire String Quartet | The Verdehr Trio | Thorspecken | Tryer | Uptown Flutes | Uchida | Vinci | Weintraub | Welch | Wisconsin Philomusica | Yonovitz | Zagast | Zucker | Zukerman | et'al ...

Canyon Echoes by Duologue Duologue
New Music for Flute and Guitar
Gasparo CD, GSCD-336, 1997
Canyon Echoes

Canyon Echoes by Bonita Boyd and Nicholas Goluses Bonita Boyd(flute) & Nicholas Goluses(guitar)
Chronicles of Discovery -
American Music For Flute & Guitar

Albany CD, TROY379, 2000
Canyon Echoes

Wendell Dobbs, Mary Kathleen Tryer, Leo Welch & members of the Montclair String Quartet Wendell Dobbs (flute)
Flute and Company -
Flute Music by Katherine Hoover

Leonarda Classical Recordings CD LE349
Canyon Echoes, Dances & Variations, Divertimento, Reflections, Winter Spirits

Canyon Shadows by Joanne Lazzaro and Dreamcatcher Joanne Lazzaro and Dreamcatcher
Canyon Shadows
Jorazzal Music CD
Canyon Shadows

Caprice by Jan Boland and John Dowdall Jan Boland(flute) & John Dowdall(guitar)
The Red Cedar Collection -
American Music for Flute & Guitar

Fleur de Son Classics, FDS 57960, 2003

Uptown Flutes perform Celebration for Flute Ensemble Uptown Flutes
A Flute Renaissance
debute: Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, 2002
Celebration for Flute Ensemble, Three for Eight

Dancing by Julie Rosenfeld and Peter Miyamoto Julie Rosenfeld(violin), Peter Miyamoto(piano)
New Music For Violin & Piano
Albany Records - TROY1717, 2018

Laurel Zucker and Susan Jolles perform Dances and Variations Laurel Zucker(flute), Susan Jolles(harp)
Images for Flute & Harp
Cantilena Records 66016-2, 1999
Dances & Variations

Micheke Frisch and Kathy Kienzle Micheke Frisch and Kathy Kienzle
Bell' Alma Duo - Music of the Dance
Ten Thousand Lakes SC130, 2011
Dances & Variations' Adagio

Diane Gold, Joanne Zagast, Raymond Page, Leonard Feldman D. Gold, J. Zagast, R. Page, L. Feldman
Music for Flute and Strings -
by Three Americans

Leonarda Productions, LPI105, 1980

Robert Spring perform Double Concerto Robert Spring
Black Dog
Summit Records CD
Double Concerto

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra perform Double Concerto Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra,
Joel Eric Suben(conductor)
Night Skies: Orchestral Music of K. Hoover
Parnassus CD
Double Concerto

Mirian Conti perform... Mirian Conti (piano)
Katherine Hoover Piano Works
Parnassus CD, 2011
Dream Dances, Preludes, Thin Ice, Line Drawings, Pieces for Piano

Mary Kathleen Ernst perform Dream Dances Mary Kathleen Ernst
Keeping Time
Innova Recordings #868, Mar 25, 2014
Dream Dances

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Joel Eric Suben(conductor)<br />Denisa Danielova(mez) perform Eleni Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra,
Joel Eric Suben(conductor)
Denisa Danielova(mez)
Night Skies:
Parnassus CD
Eleni : A Greek Tragedy, Two Sketches

Cumberland Quintet perform Homage to Bartok Cumberland Quintet
Shadows and Dreams
Centaur – CRC 2335
Homage to Bartok

The Verdehr Trio perform Images The Verdehr Trio
Trios for violin, clarinet and piano
Leonarda CD LE-326

Mark Sparks with Clinton Adams Mark Sparks(flute), Clinton Adams(piano)
Mark Sparks ~ Flute
Summit Records DCD226, 1998

Laurel Zucker perform Kokopeli Laurel Zucker
Song of the Wind

Cantilena Records 66004-2, 1994

Claudia Anderson and Karen Yonovitz perform Kokopeli Claudia Anderson & Karen Yonovitz
American Flute
Centaur CD CRC2203
Kokopeli, Sound Bytes

Eugenia Zukerman perform Kokopeli Eugenia Zukerman
Delos Records

Kristen Stoner perform Kokopeli Kristen Stoner
Images for solo flute
Meyer Media, 2009

Angela Koregelos and Zoe Smith perform Kokopeli Angela Koregelos & Zoe Smith
Red, White, and Blue
Keynotes Designs, Oakland, CA, 1996

Jane Hoffman perform Kokopeli Jane Hoffman
A Journey

Leone Buyse and Ann Pilot perform Kokopeli Leone Buyse & Ann Pilot
Boston Records 101 CD

Meininger-Trio perform Lyric Trio Meininger-Trio
New Classical Adventure – CD 60130-215, 2003
Lyric Trio

The New York Bassoon Quartet perform Lyric Trio The New York Bassoon Quartet
Now & Then
Leonarda, New York, LE348, 2002
Lyric Trio

The Huntingdon Trio perform Lyric Trio The Huntingdon Trio
Leonarda, New York NY, LE325CD, 1987
Lyric Trio

Trio Spektrum perform Masks Trio Spektrum
Dreams of a Dancer
North Pacific Music – NPM LD011, 2002

Lisamarie McGrath, Elise Auerbach, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg, Jane Moore, perform Masks Lisamarie McGrath et'al
The Colors Fall
Lisamarie McGrath 634479624988, 2007
Masks, Sound Bytes, Winter Spirits

Jeannine Dennis and Philip Amalong perform Medieval Suite For Flute And Piano Jeannine Dennis & Philip Amalong
American Souvenir
American Composers - Works For Flute & Piano

Albany Records – TROY718, CD, 2005
Medieval Suite for Flute & Piano

Cornelia Thorspecken, Cordula Hacke perform Medieval Suite C. Thorspecken and C. Hacke
Der Ferne Spiegel (A Distant Mirror)
Bayer Records 100246 CD, 1993
Medieval Suite

Pola Baytelman and Jan Vinci perform Medieval Suite Pola Baytelman ∧ Jan Vinci
Celebration of the New -
American Composers

Albany Records, Albany NY, 2013
Medieval Suite

Jan Vinci and Reiko Uchida perform Medieval Suite Jan Vinci & Reiko Uchida
American FluteScape
Albany Records – TROY 1649, 2016
Medieval Suite

Alexa Still and New Zealand Symphony with James Sedares perform Medieval Suite Alexa Still & New Zealand Symphony
Corigliano, Hoover, Yi
Koch Int'l Classics (KIC-CD-7566) 2004
Medieval Suite

Arcata String Quartet perform Medieval Suite Arcata String Quartet
Sonorite Records CD DB0199, 1998
Medieval Suite's On The Betrothal Of Princess Isabelle Of France, Aged 6 Years

Mimi Stillman and Charles Abramovic perform Mountain and Mesa Mimi Stillman & Charles Abramovic
11 American Premieres for Flute and Piano

Innova, St. Paul MN, 2011
Mountain and Mesa

D. Perry and S. Beia with The Wisconsin Philomusica with Vartan Manoogian perform Night Skies D. Perry & S. Beia with The Wisconsin Philomusica
Night Skies:
Orchestral Music of Katherine Hoover

Parnassus, Woodstock NY, 1994
Night Skies

Katherine DeJongh(flute) and Polish National Chamber Orchestra Slupsk perform Nocturne Fantasy Katherine DeJongh(flute) &
Polish National Chamber Orchestra Slupsk
Twentieth Century Works
for Flute and Orchestra

Centaur Records CRC 2585
Nocturne Fantasy

Leslie Petteys(piano) and The Montclaire String Quartet perform Quintet (Da Pacem) Leslie Petteys(piano) &
The Montclaire String Quartet
Da Pacem
Koch Int'l Classics, Port Washington NY, 1994
Quintet (Da Pacem)

Jessica Lindsey and Christian Bohnenstengel perform Ritual Jessica Lindsey & Christian Bohnenstengel
Set No Limits
Albany Records – TROY1708, CD, 2018

The Ariel Ensemble perform Selima The Ariel Ensemble
Selima: (Soprano, Clarinet, & Piano)
Clover Field Recordings CFR5860, 2017

The New York Bassoon Quartet perform Sinfonia The New York Bassoon Quartet
The New York Bassoon Quartet
Leonarda Productions LP 102, 1979

Rebecca Henderson perform Sonata For Oboe & Piano Rebecca Henderson
... is but A dream
Boston Records – BR1057CD, 2003
Sonata For Oboe & Piano

Colorado Quartet and Rogeri Trio perform Colorado Quartet & Rogeri Trio
Set No Limits
Albany Records – TROY1708, CD, 2018
String Quartet No. 1, String Quartet No. 2,
Trio for piano, violin, and cello

The New York Saxophone Quartet perform Suite For Saxophones The New York Saxophone Quartet
Consolidated Artists Prod. – CAP 948, 2000
Suite For Saxophones

Walter Verdehr(violin), Gary Kirkpatrick(piano), Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr(clarinet), perform Trios The Verdehr Trio
Trios for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano
Leonarda Productions LE326

Carter Brey(cello), Barbara Weintraub(piano), Karen Clarke(violin), perform Trios Carter Brey, Barbara Weintraub, Karen Clarke
Trios (1921) Trios (1978)
Leonarda Productions LPI103, 1980

Christina Ledford perform Three Sketches Christina Ledford
Co-op Press-Emeritus, CD 20082
Three Sketches

Lawler and Fadoul perform Two Preludes Lawler and Fadoul
Prelude Cocktail
Lawler and Fadoul CD
Two Preludes

Laurel Zucker and Richard Savino perform Winter Spirits Laurel Zucker & Richard Savino
Native American stories
Cantilena CD 66017-2, 1998
Winter Spirits

Mark Sparks perform Winter Spirits Mark Sparks
AAM Recordings, St. Louis, Mo. 2010
Winter Spirits