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Original Broadway Cast Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
Original Broadway Cast
Decca – DL7-1503, Pinckneyville Pressing US, 1971
Credits - Flute & Piccolo:
Katherine Hoover
Seymour Press
Anthony Saffer
Original Broadway -
Jesus Christ Superstar
Dale Jergenson The Music Of Dale Jergenson
Grenadilla Records – GS 1013, 1977
Flute – Katherine Hoover
Clarinet – Richard Wagner
Soprano Vocals – Rosalind Rees
Tanka Pieces
David Chaitkin David Chaitkin
World Recotds CRI NWCRL519, 1981
Flute –
Katherine Hoover
Susan Carlson
Svjetlana Kabalin
Opus One #72 Opus One #72
Opus One – Number 72, LP Greenville, Maine 1982
K. Hoover,
D. Michno

K. Hoover,
G. Velez, J. Preiss

K. Hoover
Sonata Da Chiesa
by Frank Martin

by Nancy L. Chance

by Ursula Mamlok
New Music for Flute New Music for Flute
Leonarda: LP LPI 121
(Flute Reflections)
(Leonarda: Cassette LPI 221cs)
Katherine Hoover
Mary Ann Brown
Medieval Suite
Orchestral Works by American Women Journeys -
Orchestral Works by American Women
Leonarda CD LE-327 or Cassette LE-327CS, 1987
Katherine Hoover, Flute
Peter Kane, solo French horn
Bournemouth Sinfonietta, strings
Carolann Martin, conductor
Summer Night, track (5)
PACD 96031 Kokopeli: Katherine Hoover Plays
PACD 96031, January 14, 2014
Katherine Hoover
Scott Dunn
Winter Spirits