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Katherine Hoover
Music on CD and Cassette

Compact Disc
bullet Medieval Suite for Flute and Orchestra for oboe and piano performed by Alexa Still with the New Zealand Symphony on the CD Pied Piper Fantasy from Koch Classics (KIC-CD-7566)
bullet Clarinet Concerto performed by Robert Spring on the CD Black Dog from Summit Records.
bullet Sonata for oboe and piano performed by Rebecca Henderson, oboe, and Timothy Lovelace, piano, on Boston Records (BR1057CD - " but a Dream.")
bullet Lyric Trio (fl, vc, pno) performed by the Meininger Trio on the CD Meininger Trio: Komponistinnen I (NCA label, Germany, co-produced by DeutschlandRadio LC 05057)
bullet Caprice (fl & gt) perfomed by Jan Boland, flute, and John Dowdall, guitar on the CD Red Cedar Collection (Fleur de Son Classics, FDS 57960)
bullet hooverplays300.jpg (13680 bytes) KOKOPELI - Katherine Hoover performs her own works: Kokopeli, Winter Spirits and Masks, as well as works by Pleyel, Mozart, J. C. Bach, Bizet, Berlioz.  Guest artists include Stoddard Lincoln and Scott Dunn on keyboards, Don Bailey, flutist, and Victoria Drake, harpist. Parnassus Records
bullet Nocturne: Flute & Strings; Katherine DeJongh and the Polish National String Orchestra of Slupsk; Centaur CD CRC2585 "20th Century Works for Flute & Orchestra"
bullet Sinfonia: 4 Bassoons; The New York Bassoon Quartet Leonarda CD LE348 "Now and Then"
bullet Three for Eight and Celebration: Multiple Flutes; Uptown Flutes Privately issued by Uptown Flutes; "A Flute Renaissance"
bullet NightSkiesTowerRecords.jpg (5432 bytes) Night Skies, Eleni: A Greek Tragedy, Two Sketches: Slovak Radio Symnphony Orchestra; Joel Suben, Cond.:Double Concerto;2 vns and strings; Wisconsin Philomusica, Vartan Manoogian, Cond., Parnassus Records #PACD 96019, "Night Skies" Click here for audio samples.
bullet Flute & Company.jpg (19753 bytes) Flute & Company: Flute Music by Katherine Hoover:  Wendell Dobbs, flute; Mary Kathleen Tryer, harp; members of the Montclair String Quartet; and Leo Welch, guitar. Leonarda Productions #LE349. Total Time 59:36
bullet Homage to Bartok: Wind Quintet; Cumberland  Quintet, Centaur CD #CRC2335, "Shadows and Dreams" (Dist. by Harmonia Mundi)

Canyon Echos, Winter Spirits, Kokopeli: Flute & Guitar; L.Zucker &R. Savino, Cantilena 66017-2, "Native American Stories in Classical Flute Music"

bullet Click Here For More Information About This Album

Canyon Echos: Flute & Guitar; Duologue, Gasparo CD, #GSCD - 336, "Canyon Echos" Audio samples courtesy  Dance / Ser / She Mourns / He Returns

bullet Canyon Echos: Flute & Guitar; B. Boyd & N. Goluses, Albany CD, #TROY379, "Chronicles of Discovery"

Medieval Suite: Flute & Piano; C. Thorspecken and C. Hacke, Bayer Records CD #100246, "Der Ferne Spiegal" ("A Distant Mirror")  Full audio samples courtesy of

bullet Dances & Variations ; Flute & Harp; L.Zucker & S. Jolles, Cantilena 66016-2, "Images for Flute & Harp"
bullet SoundBytes.jpg (13347 bytes)

Sound Bytes: Two Flutes; Claudia Anderson and Karen Yonovitz; Centaur CD #CRC2203, "American Flute" (Dist. by Harmonia Mundi)
Full audio samples courtesy of

bullet Kokopeli-RelfectionsZukerman.jpg (15258 bytes)

Kokopeli; Reflections: Flute; Eugenia Zukerman, Delos CD # 3184;"Incantation"

bullet Kokopeli: Flute; Laurel Zucker; Cantilena Records #660042 "Song of the Wind"
bullet Kokopeli: Flute; Leone Buyse; Boston Records 101 1CD "Contrasts"
bullet Kokopeli: Flute, Angela Koregelos; Keynote Designs CD 102 "Red, White, and Blue"
bullet Kokopeli: Flute, Teresa Beaman; Laurel Records LR-857CD "Flute Moments"
bullet Kokopeli: Flute, Mark Sparks; Summit Records DCD226 "Mark Sparks,Flute"

On the Betrothal of Princess Isabelle of France from Medieval Suite, Don Bailey & the Arcata String Quartet; Summit Records "Voyage"  Complete audio samples courtesy of


Lyric Trio: Flute, Cello, Piano; Huntingdon Trio; Leonarda CD LE-325 or Cassette LE-325CS, "Collage" (call 212-666-7697)


Images: Clarinet, Violin, Piano; Verdehr Trio; Leonarda CD LE-326 "The Verdehr Trio"


Summer Night: Flute, Horn, & Strings; Hoover, Kane, & the Bournemouth Sinfonietta, C. Martin, Cond.; on Leonarda CD LE-327 or Cassette LE-327CS, "Journeys"

bullet Medieval Suite (Fl & Pno) and Reflections (Fl); performed by Hoover & Brown ;Leonarda Cassette LPI 221 "Flute Reflections"

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